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Introducing a smart pharmacy business tool from guildlink

Why GuildSmart?

PBS disclosure

Community pharmacy is under threat with pharmacies set to lose $90,000/annum from PBS discolsure alone.

Product downscheduling

Since 2011, 10 of the largest volume pharmacy-only medicines have been downscheduled and can now be bought outside pharmacy.

Smart pharmacies are focusing

Smart pharmacies are focusing on Professional Services and optimising their Front of Shop to counteract these changes.

GuildSmart is designed to help strengthen your professional services and front of shop to ensure the future of your pharmacy.

Source: "Breaking Point" Pharmacy News Aug 2013

What is GuildSmart?

GuildSmart is a new pharmacy business tool from GuildLink designed to assist pharmacies and pharmacy groups increase sales, maximise profit, improve staff engagement, visualise real-time data and monitor GuildCare performance.

Available now within guildcare programs

Capture Missed Opportunities

Capture Missed Opportunities

The GuildSmart data intelligence engine identifies opportunities within your pharmacy and helps you unlock hidden profit potential.

Set Goals for Success

Set Goals for Success

Convert your profit opportunties into actionable goals. Set and track daily, weekly and monthly goals to drive success.

Empower Staff with Live View

Empower Staff with Live View

Live View, provides a real-time feed of won and lost opportunities instore. Leaderboards help increase staff engagement to reach your store's KPIs.

Companion Products

Companion Products

Take the guesswork out of identifying your greatest companion product opportunities. Track companion sale conversions by profit won and lost.

OTC Generic Conversion

OTC Generic Conversion

An industry first, GuildSmart unlocks the hidden opportunities in your OTC Generic Conversions across all categories.

GuildCare Performance

GuildCare Performance

Oversee use and value of GuildCare Patient Adherence Programs. Track won and unrealised script improvements and Professional Services.

Monitor and Drive Retail KPIs

Monitor and Drive Retail KPIs

Compare live daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly KPIs in a highly visual dashboard. It's mission control for your pharmacy.

How can it help?

What people are saying about GuildSmart

GuildSmart is very easy to use. Being time poor, I find it very handy as it gave me insights into where I should focus on, allows me to set relevant goals with my staff and engages the team to pursue them. I particularly like the companion products and OTC generic conversion features.

Simon, Pharmacy Manager, NSW

170 scripts / day

GuildSmart is a great tool. I love the insights it gives me and the ability to see the impact of my actions (and my staff's actions) on the performance of the pharmacy live. Setting goals was very easy. We were able to see the impact of each action and that helped re-enforce the right behaviour.

Charlie, Pharmacy Manager, NSW

120 scripts / day

I love it! I use GuildSmart on a daily basis to track how my store is doing, identify new profit opportunities, and pursue goals. It is easy to use, and the layout and visuals are the best I've seen so far.

Jack, Pharmacy Owner, NSW

190 scripts / day

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Note to Subscribers

Effective March 3, 2016.

PharmaData and GuildCare terminated their partnership and will no longer be offering the GuildSmart platform via this partnership. We apologise but we are unable to take on new subscriptions. For all existing paid subscribers of GuildSmart nothing will change and your GuildSmart subscription will be honoured till the end of its expiry.

Please contact us on 1300 647 492 if you have any questions.